Why Choose Us?


***GIVEN THE GOVERNMENTS INABILITY TO SET A TIME FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL-OUR PARTNERS HAVE ADVISED US CANCELLATION IS THE ONLY OPTION ****We are still here to talk about Africa for the long term future but as it stands now, there are no trips planned due to the uncertainty of a departure date.

When things will be back to normal is any ones guess. We are all in a state of limbo. NO one has a crystal ball.There are no longer any trips in the pipeline, no income to be made and yet if you want to talk Africa in the future, then Africa Running Wild Safaris is here for you. The uncertain thing about when we can be up and running is anyone s guess. 2 years, 5 years 10 years, who knows, but lets all hope it is sooner rather than later.



Why Choose Us ? Africa is a stunning country which has so much to offer and there are many countries and places to see. In this highly competitive market why choose Africa Running Wild Safaris for your Africa experience?

No doubt when you first started exploring the African Adventure that you are seeking, you would have discovered that there are so many itineraries, so many companies to choose from that the task can be over whelming and making a decision can be hard and knowing where to start.

There is no one best place in Africa to go ,it’s all amazing but from Africa Running Wild Safaris we concentrate on the regions where we feel the guest will get the best out of their trip for the money that they pay, and for the wildlife experience. The places on our website are all devoted to giving you the greatest  wildlife experience in Africa.

 Africa Running Wild Safaris has done all of the homework for you. We have amazing people on the ground looking after all of us. Being small numbers that we take, you are not lost in the crowd. Each country in Africa peaks at a different times of the year for their wildlife experience and you’ll notice you will be able to pick up an African Experience for much cheaper than what we are offering. So why is that?

How can there be such a price difference when you may be going to the same regions?

The key lies in two areas.The answer is found in what I call rackem packem and stackem and the seasons. If you are doing a safari with many people that brings the cost down for you and the other thing is that many go in the off peak seasons. So why doesn’t Africa Running Wild Safaris go in the off peak seasons? Simple answer is that you are limited in the wildlife experience that you’ll see. Will you see wildlife in the off peak seasons, yes you will but it will be sparse and not in the great numbers when you go at the right time of the year. As I mentioned before, Africa Running Wild Safaris has done the home work for you.

Whatever trip that we do in Africa is done at the best time of the year for that region for the wildlife experience and the other thing is that we only deal with small numbers, max of 6-8 people so you are not as  I put it rackem, stack em and packem.We don’t  do that to our guests.The larger numbers spend less time in places as they are more tight with their time and those tours are more rushed in places.

Price. Often we are told ” I can get it cheaper” but what is not taken into consideration is that on first sight it may appear cheaper but what is not in their price in many of the cases are the prices for the  activities, the fee for the guides and food etc. Often a smaller price is there to entice but once you add up the other prices that you were not aware of at first, the difference is not as great. Also a lot of the cheaper ones are on the move all the time and you don’t get to spend quality time at a place. Yes we will be a little more expensive but at the end of the day you are going to get an experience that will leave you in awe.

Only recently I had a caller ( Brian ) who said he wished he had known about us earlier as he had just come back from Africa and he was so annoyed as he had to try and take his pictures through peoples ipads and mobile phones as they were all crammed in. He said by far it would have been worth paying the extra to have more time in a place, to have the luxury as to not fight your way through the ipads to be able to take your picture. That’s food for thought don’t you think !

Only dealing with smaller numbers means we have greater flexibility in the program with what is happening at the time. An example of this was on one Africa Running Wild Safaris we came across 30 bull elephants at a small river. They were all swimming, jumping on each other,  and playing in ways that I never had seen before. My guide said to me, “Pete how long do you want to stay here ?” I said ,”Until the party is finished.”We were there for 3.5 hours and the experience was one that you’ll never forget. In that time we saw the other vehicles come by, people stacked in and they only stayed for 5 minutes max and those folk missed out on something really special. I see this happen time and time again.The larger groups are on such a deadline due to the larger numbers of people and they tend to have 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there but with Africa Running Wild Safaris, we have the flexibility to enhance the African wildlife experience.

Why Choose Us -If you want to get the most out of your African Safari then Africa Running Wild Safaris is the one for you.

We are committed to giving our guest the best possible African Experience  and that is why we deal in small numbers .

The other big plus is that with Vicki and myself being photographers, we are there to help you in your photography if you should need it and my partners in Africa that we work with, have an appreciation of photography and they understand the importance of light and being on the correct side of the animals.

Now it is not always possible given the nature of the landscape but where possible, we do make it happen. The other thing even if you are not into photography, that doesn’t matter, you still get the benefit of being with Vicki and myself as we still put you in the right place at the right time so you still get the view the animals at their best.

Why Choose Us – Africa Running Wild Safaris is open to all people from bird watches, photographers, people who don’t have cameras and just want to take the experience in. The key factor is that we run the Safaris as if it was us on our own and in doing so you are getting the absolute best out of your time in Africa with us .

The other point of difference , Africa Running Wild Safari uses the best guides who have the highest accreditation in their field.This is so important as if you are using a guide who is the best in their area of study, then you have the best trackers, best guides to educate us and take us on that amazing journey. The guides do make or break your trips to Africa and the best guides will enable us all to get the best out of Africa Adventure. I have always used the best guides who know their craft and this is reflected on what they do for you and their knowledge is outstanding which all helps create the best African Experience for you.

In closing as to why choose Africa Running Wild Safaris, you have people who are passionate about Africa and are teachers. If you need help  and guidance in you’re picture taking, we are there to help you.

I hope the above will inspire you to join Africa Running Wild Safaris on this amazing adventure as we explore this wonderful land called Africa.