Watototo World – Save The Children

Watototo means Children in   Swahili

This link is dedicated to an amazing woman by the name of Simmie who has taken a step of faith in order to save the orphan children in Kenya.

Watch her video and you will be inspired that one woman decided to make a difference in her own way. You may not be able to save the world but you can change the lives of some .


Below is a link to a video where Simmie explains her story. Scroll down to the end of the page and watch Simmie tell her story  and this puts life into perspective. This will be one of the best 5 minutes you can have in watching a story that will move you and inspire you. I hope you’ll be move as we were to donate to make a difference to the children that Simmie and her team are making to the kids of Kenya in her part of Africa.


If you are moved to donate, please don’t donate to Africa Running Wild Safaris, donate straight to Watoto World via the website above.