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Wait Equals Rewards

By January 8, 2020Pete & Vickis Blog
lion licking tongue

Wait Equals Rewards

One of the things that Africa Running Wild Safaris prides itself in is spending time at a location. We do this when there is something happening. When this happens, we can be at the event between 1 hour and 3 hours depending on what is happening.

Wait equals rewards and it always pays never to be in a hurry. The following selection of images came about because we are prepared to spend time .

When taking your pictures, the first picture that you take should set the scene . Once the scene is set, then your creativity begins. It is all about being aware for the things to look for.

lion eats buffalo

lion eats buffalo

Looking for those shots that are so different is what your aim should be as they will give you emotive shots.

We didn’t see the kill and arrive 12 hours later. During the time that we were there, we saw many cars come and go. the average time a car waited was less than 4 minutes, then they were gone.

Africa Running Wild Safaris is a strong believer that you are better of  spending time at an event as you are better walking away with awesome images rather than a snap shot.It is when you stop and spend time you will be able to take your time. Taking your time means you will be more aware of the type of shots that you can get. You can wait for one shot that you are wanting to get. Once you have that, then you can work on the next and so on.

Wherever you can get the eye contact of the animal that you are photographing, will always add emotion to the picture.

Lion looking at camera

Lion looking straight at camera

Buffalo foot in the air

Being at a place is not just about the overall scene which is important to take. The overall scene is important as that sets the context of where the event took place. Once that has been established, you then have time to look for those very different shots that also tell the story.

It’s now up to your awareness of the number of shots that will add to your story. To do this is waiting for that moment. That comes with having time and not being in a hurry. Animals are always emotive.

Waiting for those moments may take time but they are very rewarding and they will reward you with very special images. As I have mentioned, the key is being aware and not in a hurry. It’s that simple and having a great guide. Which we did. We always work hard to get the best guides that suit us.

buffalo head

Buffalo head adds color

The above image is an important image in the context of the event. The color is emotive and adds to the scene.It also shows where the lions may have first started their meal. We don’t like seeing the kills although we didn’t see this take place. We do know that if the lions  and other predators didn’t kill, they don’t survive. That’s the harsh reality of Africa.

3 images combined of lions

lion head in stomach of buffalo

There are so many other images that we could have posted from this event as this is an overview.Wait equals rewards and the final image here is testament to that. The final image sums up this event and portrays a deep satisfaction. The lions are content, full and the pride is well fed,. There were 8 lioness in this pride and they were all taking turns of eating.

If we had stayed here for 4 minutes like most did, we would not have come away with these images.Africa Running Wild Safaris prides itself to never be in a rush. If you are a guest who is not in to taking pictures, the good thing for you is that you get to witness the whole story. You will learn so much by spending  time observing.

lion licking tongue

lion licking tongue

Wait equals rewards


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