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The Moment – The Different

By February 19, 2021Pete & Vickis Blog

The Moment – The Different

While in Africa there is so much happening around you. There are times when you can be snapping to the left and right and yet there might be something in from of you that steals the show. Looking for the moment is a key in adding a little difference to your library of images. People will remember those different shots, shots that add a little quirkiness .

The secret of getting these shots is being aware of what is happening around you. Just don’t look for the obvious, look beyond that.

There are often priceless moments that you come across that add to your overall story telling in Africa.

While these chaps load their heavy load onto the motor bike, the chap below carries his heavy load.

This chap is carrying his very heavy load while on his mobile phone.

These chaps are getting ready for the local market which is held on the first Sunday of each month and people come from 100’s of kilometres to attend to sell and buy.

At the same market, the animal is taken to a back slaughter shed and the deed is done and then it is put on display for the patrons to buy. Now that’s fresh as it gets. not sure about the flies though.

This shoe shop has it all. It’s images like these that add to the story of Africa.

To be continued…



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