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Special Moments – Africa Running Wild Safaris

By December 8, 2018Pete & Vickis Blog

Special Moments – Africa Running Wild Safaris

Part one

In our travels no matter where we are we have our special moments that will always live with us. For Vicki and myself Africa Running Wild Safaris has supplied us with many special moments and it is hard to single out just one so this blog will be done over several parts and will be continued on over the coming weeks.This is part one.

With our photography background, those special moments are captured on camera and in some cases on video. We have many guests who are non photographers who do our trips to Africa and for them, they also have the same special moments and the good thing for them, is that when something unique is happening, Africa Running Wild Safaris will stay as long as we can to see the moment emerge as that special event.

What we share next is not in any order as there are so many. I want you to keep in mind that these have become special moments not just for us, but for our guests also and you need to keep in the back of your mind as you read this, these special moments have emerged due to the face that we are able to spend time at a place, not to be rushed and then you will see what emerges right before your eyes. Before you know it, you have one of those events in nature that you know is so special and you may never see it again .

We had just arrived at the river and we saw around 30 Bull Elephants playing in the water. They arranged from the Grand Dads, through to the young ones and anything in between. It was such a moving event. They were simply playing, swimming, jumping on top of each other and pushing each other over in the water.

As a photographer, you just know when something really amazing is taking place before your eyes and this was one such event. They were so happy, so content and they loved just playing.

The Grand Dads were just looking on. They would stand on the edge and looking like the big wise Grand dads and keeping an eye out for all of those having their play time.

Wrapping the trunks around each other is a sign of affection as elephants are highly affectionate to each other and touch is so important to them as it is a major way of how they communicate to each other.

What the picture above shows  and it’s not the most stunning picture but it is what the picture is telling us. Two chaps coming together to have a chat while the younger ones play. Such a beautiful picture when you know what is happening here.

Even when playing, what the above picture doesn’t show is the gentle clunking sounds of the tasks coming together. Just an amazing sound when you are standing there and there is nothing but the silence of the bush and the tasks coming together.

Touch is so important to the elephants. They are simple amazing gentle giants who look after each other like  and they have a strong sense of community.

The above picture doesn’t seem all that exciting but once again it is what it represents. All of a sudden two elephants decided after 3 hours , it was time to get out and then they all went. That was it and after getting out of the water, several gave themselves a sand bath.Just stunning.

The three hours went in a blink of an eye and if you had asked us , ” was it three hours” we would have said, more like 15minutes. There was always something happening. At the time our guides asked me how long did we want to stay and I replied” until the party has finished” and that is what we did. That’s how we roll at Africa Running Wild Safaris. When there is a special moment, we take it in and the chances of seeing that again, are remote.

For me the above picture says it all. They are just chilling out and relaxing.You realize how strong these elephants are to be able to take the weight on their backs.Although heavy, things were still done gently and we never got tried of seeing this .


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