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Shallow Depth of Field

By July 26, 2021Pete & Vickis Blog

Shallow Depth of Field

Often when we are on safari, we are so excited when we see the creatures of the wild, we start clicking away and there is nothing wrong with that.Once you have your shot, think about how you can vary the shots that you take. One such way is to use a shallow depth of field.

This blog is aimed at the beginner.A shallow depth of field means when you just focus on the man subject and blur the background out. One of the advantages of doing this when you can , is that you are drawing the person who is looking at your picture to the main subject. There are no distractions around the subject to take your attention away.

The best way of doing this is through using your telephoto lens or zoom lens.Most of us when we go to Africa , we take a zoom lens of some type as we want to be able to get as close to the wildlife as we can. Having a good zoom lens is part of the key to doing this. The stronger the zoom lens them more you’ll be able to blur the background.

The best way to do this is to choose a low fstop number, eg f2.8, f4, f5.6 etc For those who don’t know what these numbers are , they are know as f stop or your Aperture numbers. Most camera will have these f stops and depending on the lens that you have, they will range from f2.8 through to f22. The higher the f-stop number , eg f22, more of the picture will be in focus. Now if you don’t understand, f stop numbers and what they do, there is a lot of information on line that will explain it easily or you can do the workshop’ Getting off Auto- Understanding your camera better’ You’ll find that at  https://petedobre.com.au and you go to photography courses Adelaide.

At the moment, if you are in Australia ,  we can’t do overseas travel . The good thing about that, if you want to practice the shallow depth of field thing, you can go to your local zoo and practice. I do have a workshop to the Adelaide Zoo where you are taken through 9 concepts in wildlife photography and shallow depth of field is one of them.The pics below are all taken at the Adelaide Zoo to give you an example. Not being able travel to Africa at the moment , means to have time to get up to speed with your photography so when you do go, you’ll be one step ahead when it comes to your photography.


Africa is a stunning place to visit and when we are all allowed to travel again, it will be a rewarding time and by then, hopefully you’ll understand what shallow depth of field is all about and you’ll add this to the range of pictures that you take 🙂



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