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Sequence Photography – Part 2

By October 7, 2019Pete & Vickis Blog

Sequence Photography – Part 2

There is no limit to sequence photography and once you get hooked, you will see the many benefits associated with it. As we mentioned in the last article-

“For those new to photography you need to make sure you have  a camera that will capture a fast frame rate and the other equally important point is to make sure you are using a good combination of lens and camera that has a quick auto focus . This is important as you won’t miss out on any sequence that you are capturing.

If your card is not fast enough, if your card doesn’t write fast enough and your auto focus is not quick enough, then you will fail to nail the sequence of shots.”

The get the best out of your camera in the focus department, check to see if your camera has a back focus button. If it does, learn how to use it as if you are use to the front focus button and shutter button( they are one and the same), it can seem strange at first and may take a while to get sue it to.

When you normally take a picture with the front button shutter release button, the camera has to focus and then the shutter has to be depressed t0 take the picture.When you back button focus, the focus is working independent from the front shutter button which means, you don’t have any delay in capturing the image. Back button focus will give you sharper results as the focus button is not linked in with the shutter button. The focus button doesn’t have to wait for the shutter to press to focus on the subject. It’s focusing independently from that front shutter button and it will continually focus non stop, hence you have a better chance of getting sharper results. It does take a while to get use to so make sure you practice at home before going on safari with us.



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