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Sequence Photography – Part 1

By July 10, 2019Pete & Vickis Blog

Sequence Photography

Have you ever thought about doing sequence photography when you are out and about. This comes in the form of using your fast burst mode in your camera or your x amount frames per second within your camera.

What both Vicki and I like about doing this on a particular subject is that it enables to help bring the shot alive, it adds some emotion to the scene as you see it unfolding before your eyes.

We are both always looking out to capture sequences that help tell the story better.

There are many different subjects that you can do this on but in this example, we are photographing wildlife in Africa.

For those new to photography you need to make sure you have  a camera that will capture a fast frame rate and the other equally important point is to make sure you are using a good combination of lens and camera that has a quick auto focus . This is important as you won’t miss out on any sequence that you are capturing.

If your card is not fast enough, if your card doesn’t write fast enough and your auto focus is not quick enough, then you will fail to nail the sequence of shots.

This is  simple concept to experiment with ,  so the next time you see something happening, shoot  with the intention of capturing that sequence and to show the emotion of the build up in the images.

Once you do one, you’ll be hooked as it will set you apart from others and it is a great way to capture feeling and emotions in your pictures.


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