Save The Elephant Foundations

Preservation of the treasures that we have on the planet for future generations to enjoy and learn from is so important. We at Africa Running Wild Safaris are strong on conservation although we are a small company, we are doing our little big. No matter how big the task is at hand, every little bit helps. Never have the attitude, my little bit won’t make a difference. What ever we can give, will make that difference and the little bits all add up creating a positive out come.

Below we have two organizations that are outstanding in what they are achieving to making sure we have elephants for generations to come.

Go to the links below and read and if you are moved to help in your own way, then do so.

Save The Elephant

Save The Elephants was founded by  Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft who recently passed away at the age of 65 on October the 15th 2018.Below is a quote from their website which shows a little of what they do. When you read what they do, there is a lot more, this is just a snippet for you to get an idea of the work that is done.

“We work with wildlife departments, protected area managers and communities to assist their efforts to defend elephants against ivory poachers and traffickers. We develop and deploy cutting edge tracking systems to monitor and protect elephants. Through our Elephant Crisis Fund we have supported more than 49 partners in the implementation of over 145 different projects in 29 different countries (September 2018) aimed at stopping the killing, stopping the trafficking and ending the demand for ivory.”

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The other that you might be interesting in helping out in your own way is the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.This is where you can adopt an elephant who have been orphaned for a number of reasons and they are trained, healed of their injuries and trained to enter the wild once again to carry on with normal life .Go to the link below and read more about the work that the trust does.