Africa Running Wild Safaris- The Essentials

Africa is a stunning destination and we have provided a check list that may help you when planning your Africa Running Wild Safari with us.

We have already mentioned about Photography  

Outside the Photography Guidance we have the other main aspects that you need to know about when planning your trip to Africa with us.

1. Passport -Any overseas trips needs to have a Passport that is current. It’s important to be aware if your passport has less than 6 months to run on it, it is invalid and you will not be able to leave the country on that passport. So please be aware of that. many people do get caught out.

2.Visas. Each country is different with what is required in this area. Will will advise if you need a visa but please don’t leave this to the last minute in applying for the visa for that particular country.

3. Vaccinations – Like with the Visas, we can advise you what is required but as with  the above, you don’t leave this to the last moment to do. Just in case your body does reacts in any way, you want to give it time to get over the reaction if at all you get one. Never leave any medical issues to the last moment.

4.Currency – Each country in Africa can be different from each other. We can advise you what you take. Visa card will work in most places  and also most (sometime not all) of the safari camps that you’ll be visiting , all costs are all inclusive when it comes to your meals and drinks.The US dollar is widely accepted throughout Africa.You may need extra money for other things that you may buy along the way and also money for tipping. I tend to use my Visa Card and I have US dollars for tipping and as a back up as we have found that the US dollar is almost universal.

5. Packing your Clothes. The lighter you travel the better. Everyone is in the same boat with their clothing and most people will wear  the same clothes each day or a variation of the same clothes. The lighter that you can travel for your time away the more you will enjoy yourself. I know that sounds strange but it is true. I only take around 14 kilo of clothes in a soft bag. That’s not a lot but keep in mind each day in Africa while you are on safari, you are sitting in a car, you are not building up a sweat and you don’t need so many changes of clothing. The common reaction I get from people who do Africa for the first time with us is ” Why did I bring all of this, I’ve not used it?”

Depending on which trip you do with us in Africa, some allow up to 20 kilos, but I will still keep my bag around the 14 kilos packed into a soft bag as this will make traveling much easier. If there are trips where you have a light aircraft, they will only take the soft bags and not the hard suit cases.If you can get use to 14 kilos , you will come out on top. If however you need the extra, we can make other arrangements for you.

Most camps have laundry facilities so packing light is not an issue. In some cases the laundry is covered in your costs and where it is not, the charges are very reasonable.

Items that should be in your bag before you add your clothes are –

Mosquito repellent and sunblock.

Personal hygiene items

Anti -Malaria Tablets, Diarrhoea medication if you are prone to this, motion sickness for the light aircraft if you are prone to motion sickness when flying.

Power adapters for charging cameras and laptops. These can be different depending on what country you are in within Africa.

Head lamp is a must and will be so helpful, this leaves both your hands free when searching for things deep in the corridors of your bag.

If you’re like me, sunglasses are a must as my eyes react to the bright light during the day. If you have personal medication that you are taking, make sure that is kept in your carry on luggage and you have a letter from your doctor stating when you have this.

Tweezers can come in handy as you never know when you are going to get a splinter.It’s rare but when it happens, your tweezers will be your best friend in that case.

6. Phone Cards – I get this all the time. I have tried using local phone cards in the past with mixed success  and  now I tend not to worry about phone cards at all,Be there to enjoy the moment. Many of the camps do have Wifi although this can vary from being slow to very good. You can log into their set up if you need to keep in contact with home.