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Orchre Elephants – Really?

By June 20, 2020Pete & Vickis Blog

Orchre Elephants – Really?

Often we are asked is there a better time of year to see the wonder animals of Africa. The answer to that is yes and no. It really depends what you are looking for. The different seasons will allow you to see things that you wouldn’t see in another season. From the dry season through the wet season, you’ll always get something that is not found in the previous season.

How can the elephants of Africa be orchre or orange? How is this possible? We all know that the elephant is grey in color right? If someone said that they had seen orange elephants, you  would most likely doubt them.

The wet season is an amazing time to photograph the animals but like all season there are the pros and cons. In the wet one of the biggest pros is that the elephants tend to roll on the ground up against the termite mounds when they are about , hence this is where there color comes from.

The eye lashes on the elephant are so long and that against the textured skin makes it a delight to take pictures of . The long lashes help protect the eye of the elephant.

If you are still enough in the car, it means it is not uncommon for the elephant to make there way close to you and that gives you a great opportunity to take the detail shots that we have spoken on the past about.The key with any wildlife photography is to be still. Talk less and observe what the wildlife is doing. With the many trips that I have done to Africa, it is not uncommon for the wildlife to be far away and within 30 minutes they can be right upon you. It’s all about being patient.

I love the ochre color of the elephant against the vivid green grass.It is such a great contrast to see this.This is not an everyday event to witness. It is only when the wet season arrives and the elephant just loves rolling in the mud. Just like a kid really.

While I was there taking these pictures, I had to keep on telling myself, elephants are meant to be grey. The baby elephant would have to be one of the most photogenic animals on the planet to photograph. They are simply adorable.

I experienced this at first hand when I was in Tanzania with my awesome guide Amos who is such a wonderful man and guide. I did a private tour with Amos for 18 days and it was an exceptional trip on so many levels.

One of the highlights was seeing the elephants like this. In fact the longer I was there in the wet season, the more I got to seeing orchre elephants and when I did see the grey elephants they looked odd.

Each season will bless you with different highlights, different moments and you will always come home with treasured memories.

Join Vicki and my self  and explore Africa with us and you’ll be moved and inspired beyond your own imagination.

Each season always presents its own highlight, including the Orchre Elephants of Tanzania.

All of our wildlife photographed in Africa is shot on the Canon 7d mark 2 and the 100-400mm 5.6 mark 2 lens. This is a super sharp lens and the results that you get are sensational. We love the 7dmark2 for the 10 frames a second which is perfect for wildlife photography.


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