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Mud Is A Winner With African Wildlife

By November 14, 2020Pete & Vickis Blog

Mud Is A Winner With African Wildlife

Often when in Africa people are looking for that perfect day with the perfect weather. Nothing can be further from the truth.There is no perfect day as every day in Africa gives you wonderful opportunities to photograph the wildlife. All we have to do is be aware of what is before us.

Mud, mud and more mud is a wonderful moment to photograph any animal that might be having fun with it. In this blog we are looking at the hippopotamus and the elephant who love the mud. The hippo will gladly lay in the mud and for long periods of time.The ele’s will have there mud baths and when you combine the wildlife with mud, you are always going to score some awesome pictures.

What the mud does is gives us awesome texture to work with . It enable us to see the animal in a totally different way. If you are on safari and you come to a small waterhole that has hippos laying down, ask your guide to stop and spend a little time at it as you will get some wonderful shots that will help tell a greater part of Africa’s story.

Animals with very little hair are subjected to the harsh element of the sun and they can actually burn.. The hippopotamus and warthogs, are particularly at risk and they often coat themselves with mud to act as a sunscreen.

Hippos stay submerged in the water during the day in order to protect their skin from the sun. 

Elephants are no different. They love the muddy waters and they love coating themselves with mud from there trunks to protect themselves from the sun. They also do this to repel that annoying mosquito.

Having the opportunity to photograph the elephant having a mud bath will enable you to see the amazing texture of the elephant that can be hidden from you. One such area is behind the elephants ears. The veins behind there ears are highlighted by the mud and its a photographers paradise.

When you see the hippo laying in mud or the elephant having a mud bath, remember this blog and start exploring all of the awesome photographic opportunities it gives you. Here at Africa Running Wild Safaris, when we see these moments , we always spend time at each session so our guests can come away with some very different images. Join us on safari and discover the awesome nature of mud with the African Wildlife. 🙂


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