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Listen To Your Guides

By November 1, 2019Pete & Vickis Blog

Listen To Your Guides

When you are doing a safari and you have been on the road for a while, one of the biggest issues for the tourist is to be complacement. The guides that you have on board are skilled and trained and their number on priority is for your safety.

At Africa Running Wild Safaris the most common question that we get asked is- Is Africa Safe?

Each year you hear of people meeting their death in Africa and what I can tell you is that in most situations these deaths have taken place when the tourist hasn’t listened to the guides advice and instructions. If you go beyond what they tell you, then you are putting yourself at great risk and your other guests for that matter.

Not long ago a lady was taken by   a hippo in Africa. How is this possible?

Tourists wondering off to explore for themselves and getting out of their car to get a little closer to the wildlife to take a picture etc, these things seem crazy to you and I  but you will be surprised how often this happens.

When you start doing this you are playing with the dice here.

The picture below. What can you notice about this picture?

Is this place safe to go on a short walk? You can never take any situation, landscape, moment in Africa for granted . It is so important to listen to your guides who live there and who have the skills to keep you safe.

Nobody want anyone to die in Africa and 92% of the deaths that do take place with animal attacks with tourist could have been avoided if the guest had taken the warning of the guides seriously.Never take Africa for granted. It’s an awesome and wonderful country to experience and the way you make sure you come back not in a box is to listen to your guides who are the experts who are trained with animal behavior etc.

Can you see the lion in this picture? Up for a Sunday stroll in the field?

Listen to your guides, obey their warning,carry out their instructions so you don’t become this lions next meal. There is no way of sugar coating this. The guides in Africa will always know best as this is what they are trained to do.This is why we use guides as they are the experts.


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