Guests Gallery

This is a sample of the wonderful people who join us on tour and below you’ll see some of their works.

The guests gallery is to show  the works of the guests that attend our Safaris to show you that you don’t have to be a professional Photographer to take outstanding pictures. We have never had a professional Photographer do our safaris.We have had people bring no cameras, just love to be able to sit back and enjoy and  we have bird watches and enthusiasts photographers who have photography as their hobby. The age group that tend to come on our safaris are wide spread and range between on average 25-75 years of age. Their pictures are here to encourage you and to show you that half the battle of getting a lovely picture is being in the right place, right time with the right light.

Having  a good teacher who is there to guide you and teach you is important and through Vicki and Pete, you will excel in your picture taking. You don’t have to be an outstanding photographer, you don’t have to have a lot of experience in photography and these pictures of the guests will inspire you.

Many of the guests here have been taught by Pete and Vicki. The aim is to inspire you with the guests pictures and to show you, in choosing Africa Running Wild Safaris is the right choice for you.

All of the guest are 100%genuine and only their first names have been present to protect their privacy unless others stated.

The following works belong to Roger and this was his first trip with me. We are so proud of him as he was new to photography and he learns quickly and his feedback to how Vicki and I went was awesome. When you get feedback like his, it encourages you to keep doing what we do.

All images on this guest page are copyrighted to the individual guest and not to Africa Running Wild Safaris.


Roger shoots with Nikon and he bought Nikon’s 200-500 lens literally a few days before the trip.With Vicki’s teaching and myself with this new lens, he has done a sensational job given this was literally new to him just before the trip. That’s the advantage of doing a Africa Running Wild Safari. On Rogers second day he fell and split his eye and at one stage he could not see out of his eye and yet, he carried on, no complaints and it was such a joy to have Roger on board and a guy who is open to learning and this is reflected in his pictures.


Karen comes from  New South Wales, she shoots with  Canon 60D or a Panasonic Lumix TZ70 and a Canon 10-22mm wide and a Canon 70-300mm zoom.Her passion reflects through her lens. Karen loves travel and she is able to blend her love for travel and photography together.It was such a pleasure to have Karen join us in Africa.What is impressive about Karen’s Panasonic Lumix is the size and lightness of her set up.





Helen is a total non photographer and I’m so proud of her as she went outside of her comfort zone, embraced the camera and lens that she was given on the Chobe River and with guidance and teaching she has excelled and Helen can be very proud of what she has achieved as being a total non photographer who had never used the gear that she did on the Chobe River. Well done Helen!


Phil a hobbyist photographer and takes photos for sports teams in his home town and nature and animal photography was something that he too had to leave his comfort zone and to embrace. He is a Nikon Shooter with a Nikon D750 and a D7002 and he also has the 200-500mm lens. This lens is perfect for nature and wildlife. Once again , given that he went out of his comfort zone I’m also proud of what he has shot as well. There is a big from wildlife photography and sports photography  and Phil has done well to make the transmission.


Jarrod is such a gentleman whose passion in photography is reflected in his pictures. Jarrod is from South Australia.He uses a Canon 7Dmark 2  and his lens is a 100mm-400mm 5.6 L series .What stood out with Jarrod is his ability to keep focused on what he was doing. Always looking and searching for that shot.His images are proof that is you are prepared to be patient, you’ll be rewarded.


Jen is from South Australia  and she is a quiet achiever whose passion in photography is reflected in her pictures. She also uses a Canon 7Dmark 2  and her lens is a 100mm-400mm 5.6 L series .Before doing the trip, she asked me what set up should she use for the trip  and I know that people funds can be limited but she took the plunge and bought the above  and she was over the moon as the results speaks for themselves.Well done Jen.

“This all started when I decided to buy my Husband a camera for his birthday. Soon after, I was looking on the net at various workshops I could send him on, when I came across Pete’s website. Jarrod had always wanted to go to Africa, so out of interest I had a look at the Africa tour Pete was offering. It looked perfect, all the places he had wanted to visit, and so I gave Pete a call to discuss it further. His enthusiasm and excitement was infectious and, after putting the phone down, I immediately decided that not only was Jarrod going to Africa, but I was getting a camera and going as well! At this point in time, I had never touched a DSLR, let alone aimed it at something and taken a photo. We both picked up our new cameras (Canon 7dMk2) and three days later went on Pete’s Monarto day workshop. I didn’t expect too much of myself that day (having taken only blurry photographs of my poor, tolerant cats) but with Pete’s tuition I surprised myself and came away with shots I was truly proud of. Now I had a taste for it and I couldn’t wait for Africa.

I was right to be so excited. Everything about our trip was incredible. Every place we stayed at, we didn’t want to leave….until we reached the next place that is! It just got better and better. Vic falls was jaw dropping, Chobe river inspiring, Kwai river concession serene and wild all at the same time. Yes, you can visit these places with lots of different tour companies – we saw them – zipping by and ticking off each thing as just another attraction that their guests needed to have seen. But what was different about Pete’s tour is we took our time. We were patient. We took it all in. We waited with each animal to observe what they were doing, and for that we were rewarded with amazing results. Pete made sure our vehicles were always positioned to get the best composition and the best light for each subject, and with limited numbers per vehicle, everyone could get the shot. Throughout the trip, my photography skills improved exponentially. At no point did I feel hindered by my relative lack of experience and knowledge. I was there, getting the same shots as people with years more experience than myself.

Three years on, and Jarrod and I are still going through our photos, finding amazing images we had forgotten about, and every time we do we say I wish we were back in Africa. 100% we will be going back in the future, once our little one is a bit older and can be dropped with the Grandparents!!! ” Jen

More guests to be added as they sent their work in. Pete &Vicki