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Fish Eagle – Be Prepared

By August 29, 2018Pete & Vickis Blog

Fish Eagle – Be Prepared

Wildlife Photography is never easy but to help you keep in front, outside patience, you need to be ready, prepared and ready to click the shutter.As a photographer, we are always hoping to get that different shot and the only way that is going to come about is to have your camera ready and to click away when the moment presents it self.

This small series of the Fish Eagle were taken on the banks of the Chobe River in Botswana and what I like about this small series is the smaller bird having a go at the fish Eagle and the expression on the fish Eagle.

In a situation like this, what is the best subject to focus on, the Fish Eagle or the smaller bird. Without fail the Fish Eagle as this is your main subject. What I did here was to focus on the Fish Eagle and as I saw the smaller bird coming in to swoop the Fish Eagle , I had the camera set to motor drive where it is ready to take 10 frames a second. When the smaller bird made its approach, the finger went down on the shutter and the rest is history.

Being aware of what is around at the same time when you are looking through the lens is one of the keys to successful wildlife photography.

Never look at what you have taken when you are meant to be observing the moment. I see many people while on Tour looking at what they have done and then they miss a once in a life time event and for what. You can admire your work later in the evening but when you are out and about photographing wildlife, just do that. If you are tempted  to look at what you have just taken, there is no question that you’ll miss out on that shot that you have been waiting all day for.

Beware, keep looking with one eye looking through the camera a and the other eye open to what is happening around you.:)


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