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Detailed Pictures

By November 25, 2018Pete & Vickis Blog

Detailed Pictures

Africa is a stunning land and everyone I know who has been there on our trips, Africa has exceeded their wildest dreams.

One of the things that we here at Africa Running Wild Safaris tries to encourage our guests is to look beyond the normal picture that you ‘ll take. I need to stress there is nothing wrong with taking the normal upfront picture as we clearly encourage that as well.

Have you thought of a way to adding to the type of photos that you may want to capture that will add to the over all experience and give your friends at home, that extra when looking at your pictures.

The photo below would be the overall shot that sets the scene that we all would rightly take.

In this blog I want to look at the Lion, Zebra and my favourite of them all, The Elephant.

The Lion

There are times when the wildlife comes very close to the vehicle and when that happens, even with the most modest zoom lens, you will be able to zoom into the animal and take what we call detailed shots. We have non photographers do our trips who have been so excited to learn about the detailed shots and are blown away of what you can actually take when the animal is very close.

The following shots are take of the lion and his mate when they literally got up from where they were and sat half a metre away from the vehicle. When that happens, then you have at your finger tips, a whole new opportunity of picture taking that you’ll be able to get that you would never have be able to capture at all. In Africa as you know wildlife is unpredictable and you can never predict what they will do but it is not uncommon to get very close to the wildlife as they are free to move anywhere and sit anywhere.

Can you would out this shot above?

This shot above is a close up of the lions Mane.

This is the ear of the Lion surrounded by the Mane.

When you see them like this , they look so peaceful and when you are in the car you just want to hop out and give them a cuddle but we all know that you wouldn’t see the light of day if you did that.

There are so many I could have chosen for this blog for the Lion. These were literally shooting almost straight down from the vehicle and I have chosen these to encourage you that you don;t have to be a profession like Vicki and myself to achieve shots like this. All you need is to be close and if it happens, once you get your overall shots, look at snapping away at things that others may not do.

Being aware and close, it will also give you the opportunity to take close head shots and all you have to do is wait for the right moment to snap away and these two images tell their own story.

The Zebra

The Zebra is a stunning animal to take pictures of because of the sheer nature of its stripes. There is so much you can do with the Zebra, that’s another blog but lets look at those close ups that may help you when doing an Africa Running Wild Safaris Adventure.

The above is your cute overall shot and believe me the foals of the Zebra are just so adorable and both are wonderful to take pictures of. Once again as with the lion, there are times in Africa where we have been park near a waterhole, just watching the animals behavior and its not uncommon to have several hundred of these amazing animals standing almost right next to the vehicle. So when that does happen, lets take advantage of the situation.

This picture above was taken when the Zebra was less than 4 metres from the vehicle.

These shots all were taken from the vehicle  as the zebras walked past  and stood alongside the vehicle.

So many textures and the rear end of the zebra gives you an amazing look at the tail.

Once again, the zebra just stood there for the guest to snap away and it is always great photographing the eyes.

Being aware of the detail shots , means that you can sit patiently and wait for something to happen and in this case, two zebras having a chat.

This shot reminds me of My Ed for those who are old enough to know who Mr Ed is.

The Elephant

By far the elephant is our favorite animal in Africa and as for detailed shots, there is so much that you can do. Also, as they are so big, they usually are not moving fast, they are big enough that you can zoom into their skin and get some amazing textured photos.


The trunk of the elephant is the most important part of the elephant and right at the end of it of the trunk, they have two fingers. They use them as we use our fingers in terms of picking there food and eating it.When the elephants are close enough to us , you are able to get some really nice detailed shots of the trunks.

This elephant was right alongside of us, just grazing and the distance would have been less than 5 metres so this gave us a chance to take some close ups on the tusks and skin.

This is the same elephant and we were able to get a good shot of the eyes and base of the trunk with the awesome thick skin.

This is a side view of the elephant  and this gives us a great insight of the skin texture.

This is one of my favorites and we all were able to get this photo. The baby elephant was very close and you didn’t have to zoom in that far to get the ear and side view. You may be wondering how does the elephant be this colour. We love taking people to Tanzania as when it rains, the elephants love rolling in the orchre termite mounds and this transforms them to this outstanding colour.

Join us on Africa Running Wild Safrais. 🙂


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