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Due to Covid 19, our dates has been pushed on to 2023.

***We also tailor make Trips to Africa for just your family if you want a private tour or friends. All you need to do , is give us numbers etc and we can give you a quote and then you are off on your way to Africa****

Namibia – Africa Running Wild Safaris is a country that is very diverse like a large part of Africa and there are many parts of the landscapes that you travel through that you could think that you are in part of Australia. There are so many highlights in Namibia as it is a very large country to travel around in. Africa Running Wild Safaris takes you to our highlights that we enjoy and that we know will bring you the same enjoyment and excitement.

Etosha National Park is a stunning National Park that has a wonderful series of waterholes which is ideal to see the animals close up. What  Vicki and I both love about Etosha is that the bush is wild and open and vision to the animals is most always open. You are not fighting your way to see the animals through the bush but rather you are quietly at the waterholes waiting for that wonderful surprise to emerge and it does happen.

One of the things that the Namibia Africa Running Wild Safaris does for you is to make sure that you are there in the right season. Each season will deliver you its own uniqueness. In each region that we visit we go in the peak times where the animals are easy to find and there is a very important reason as to why. It is in the peak times where you will see the animals. You can go to these places and pay much less in the off seasons but by doing this you will see much less wildlife. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have picked up a bargain price and that you are going to get value for money.It doesn’t work that way. Going in the off seasons for the particular areas, you will see animals but not as many so at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, what type of wildlife experience do you want?

Namibia – Africa Running Wild Safaris will always give you the best seasons to see as much as the wildlife as you can in that given time.

The waterholes that we visit give you clear vision which is something that keeps drawing Africa Running Wild Safaris back to time and time again.

Himba People

Another highlight on the Namibian trip which is very special is that through our amazing partners we get to see the Himba People. These are one of the last remaining nomadic peoples left in Africa and we are very fortunate to be able to spend time with them and the good thing, photography is welcomed there and and you we get an amazing insight to the people and the culture.This will open your eyes to a lot of things and you will walk away as if you have been transported into another time zone. The Himba experience is one that will remain with you for a very long time.* This is possible providing they haven’t moved on from their last camp spot.*

14 Nights

Cost per person with 4 travellers from; to be advised
Cost per person with 8 travellers from; to be advised
Single Supplement: AUD to be advised
* Note these prices are a ball park figure and may be subject to a small change as 2020 is a long way out.This is a guide and if there is a change it won’t be  a significant change.
Note also unlike other companies for this trip if there are 8 people we will be using 2 4WD so you have the luxury of space and not being cramped in.When the roof is popped, you will have ample room in gaining a awesome view of the animals.When you are on tour you’ll be so glad of the extra space and the difference of cost is well worth it.
 On this trip we explore the wonders of Etosha National Park, the Himba People  and making our way to
 Sossusvlei where you will marvel at the worlds tallest sand dunes and the stunning landscape that surrounds it.

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“Hi, my name is Roger and I am an unashamed Nikon user and enjoy photography as a hobby. My wife Pam and I travel overseas every year, mainly throughout Europe because we both enjoy that part of the world, but it has been an ambition of mine to travel to Africa for many years despite Pam having no desire to do so. We were visiting a travel expo early in 2017 and bumped into Pete just as we were leaving and after a few minutes of listening to him we knew his trip ticked all of the boxes. To be able to see all of the wildlife and learn about photography as well as being able to take Pam along, who isn’t a photographer, suited us well. Pam did have reservations about camping in tents etc, but Pete assured her it would be OK.
Over a year later we headed to Africa where we visited Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Chobe National Park and Khwai National Park, Botswana.
Awesome is the only word to describe our experience. Everything was just awesome. The falls were breathtaking, the Pangolin tour boats were set up with amazing tripods for each person on the Chobe River, the safari vehicles in the Khwai National Park, the access and close proximity to wildlife, experienced tour guides with great local knowledge, the camp food just great. Every guide understood the needs of a photographer and where to position the boat or vehicle to take the best shots and make best use of the light. No rushing and plenty of time to take the shots you wanted. Plenty of room in the vehicles to slide from one side to the other and no need to carry your bag. While I was taking photos Pam enjoyed talking to the guides and being in the moment. She was a convert! We saw wildlife in situations that ‘normal’ tourist just wouldn’t get the opportunity to witness. So many photos , so many memories.
Pete and Vicki were superb hosts and we really enjoyed their company along with our other companions. The learning experience for me was priceless and my photographic knowledge grew every day. Pete is an outstanding professional and has a patient, easy teaching style covering image capture and post processing. The whole adventure was thoroughly enjoyable and an experience Pam and I will never forget.
I believe the litmus test on any trip is whether you would do it again and my answer is a resounding yes. I would highly recommend one of Pete and Vicki’s small group photographic tours.” July 2018