Botswana Africa 2023


***GIVEN THE GOVERNMENTS INABILITY TO SET A TIME FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL-OUR PARTNERS HAVE ADVISED US CANCELLATION IS THE ONLY OPTION ****We are still here to talk about Africa for the long term future but as it stands now, there are no trips planned due to the uncertainty of a departure date.

Botswana Africa 2023 is an amazing program that will leave you in awe.

Botswana Africa 2023 is an amazing program  and It  showcases one of the best ways that you can view the wildlife in Africa. Botswana Africa 2023 will make a lasting impression on you and you will be inspired.You won’t want to leave and that’s what Botswana Africa 2023 will do to you. Be prepared for the trip of a life time where Botswana Africa 2023 will get you close to the animals . The pictures that you’ll be able to take will be very special and emotive.

As for the length of time away, below is a guide only and we are looking at between 15- 20 days

15 days – 20 days  2023

The final program will be settled a little later closer to the time along with prices. This far out we can’t secure prices but when we meet with you, we can give you a rough figure. 

Price-It is to far out to put a price on this at this stage – register for expression of interests

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What’s included will be  most of your meals, activities and fees and internal airfares and transfers.

Not included- Your international airfares and some meals.

As mentioned earlier, Botswana Africa 2023 is are combining the best of both worlds. Our aim is to give you an authentic bush safari guided by the best in the industry. In our opinion along with one of the most amazing close encounters you could wish for if you are a wildlife lover,nature lover , birder or a photographer. We are proud to bring you Botswana 2023 .If you fit any of those categories then this African Safari is for you.

Botswana Africa 2023  will start in the Okavango Delta for  .It is here where you get to experience an authentic bush safari at its best.You’ll get to eat under the night African skies, sitting around the campfire that always does wonders for the soul.

Bush Camp-Botswana Africa 2023

There are several camp spots that we’ll be camping at to give you that wonderful African Safari . You never have to put your tent up and take it down. These tents are spacious and each tents comes with its own ensuite at the back. You have your own privacy when it comes to using the  bathroom.There is no sharing the bathroom with anyone else.

If you go to the videos that we have done for you ,which you’ll find  in the video a section on this site, you will get a better picture of the tents and the general set up.Botswana Africa 2023 will be using our friends at Safari Life which we have been using for a number of years . 99% of our guests state that this is a massive highlight of their trip with us. When you find an amazing company that does it right and you develop a great understanding that you are all on the same page, then why look elsewhere.


Botswana Africa 2023 sees the second  part of the trip takes us to an extraordinary part of Africa. It is located in a very remote region of Botswana . The area is known as the “Land of the Gaints” Mashatu.

We’ll be spending many amazing Nights at Mashatu where you’ll experience nature viewing at another level. You’ll have time in an amazing hide .It is sunken into the ground and you are at  eye level to the water. It is here that you’ll see wildlife at another level and a level which will leave you in awe. Seeing elephants drinking meters away from you, birds drinking and an arrangement of animals coming and going is breath taking.

Mixed with the hide sessions we also have the game drives which will expose you to animals outside the waterhole.

The Amazing Hide – Botswana Africa 2023

Africa Running Wild Safaris visited Mashatu in 2019 to experience it our selves to see if is worth including in our future trips. A massive thumbs up and anything we include in our safaris has to meet a particular standard and both Safari Life and Mashatu exceed all expectations.

During the trip you get photography teaching sessions if you want them and the aim is to help you  take better pictures.This will make a big difference with the pictures that you come home with.These sessions are not compulsory.If you wish to use this time to read a book, to relax, then you can.

Accommodation at the tented camp site.

An example of your tented accommodation at Mashatu.

This is the Tented Camp at Mashatu. It comes with two single beds. This has a double in it as it was also our Honeymoon. All tents have two single beds for twin share.You can pay a single supplement if you want your own tent.

Zebra,lion and giraffe are common at Mashatu

This is an example of images taken on out time with the Bush Safari. You have plenty of time and you also get the teaching from Africa Running Wild Safaris to help improve your photography skills as we are on the game drive.

Animals that you will see on the trip.

Images From The Hide

This  is a cross section of images taken from the hide . You can’t guarantee what comes to the hide as wildlife is unpredictable. What you can guarantee is that you will see amazing wildlife of Africa. If you love animals, nature and photography, you cannot get bored here. It’s simply inspiring and it will become  highlight in your life over time.

The Elephant At The Hide


Standing outside your tent at the Tented Mashatu site. Simply a stunning and inspiring.